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Embeera y’omugotteko Programme (EYP) is a new initiative of the Kabaka Foundation (KF). It was birthed from the Embeera y’omugotteko Television Programme that shows on BBS on Sunday (6:30p.m). This Programme depicts the plight of people living in the slum areas of Uganda. The Programme has been aired since August 2016. Mugotteko is the Luganda word for crammed together.

EMBEERA Y’OMUGOTTEKO PROGRAMME                                                                                             

Kabaka Foudation offers Mother Kits to the Less Privileged.

Target Group: Children, 6-17 years- especially orphans and street children, Young People 18-35 years- especially the unemployed youth, women- especially mothers and those looking after children, People with Disabilities (PWD’s), the Elderly (60+) and persons living with HIV/AIDS

In the health component, it is intended that health camps will be held on a quarterly basis. These will provide free medical services, sensitization on how to remain healthy and health seeking behavior, counseling and referrals. KF intends to procure bio-fil toilets and or build toilets to reduce the disease burden. Under the vocational/life skills training component, KF intends to engage communities to establish the most viable vocational skills. Sports, Music, Dance and Drama will be used as a mobilization, life-skills building and talent search tool. In the bursaries component, KF intends to support children selected from the slums.

To sustain the benefits of the Project, KF will work through groups and partnerships, collaborate with institutions for certification, use role models, use facilities within the slums and others without for increased exposure, use a phased approach, compile a data base of beneficiaries to facilitate follow-ups and twinning, document success stories to facilitate replication, use referral method and identify markets. Whenever possible, start-up kits will be provided.

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