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Health Services

This is a community based health facility supported by Kabaka Foundation to help the marginalized, needy, and other persons who are unable to shoulder medical examination bills. The center provides free medical diagnosis and patients buy drugs from private pharmacies and use them as prescribed by doctors and medical workers.

The center is located at Bukalango village 25Kms away from Kampala, just adjacent to Wakiso District Headquarters. The clinic employs 21 medical staff with an average of 250 patients per month. The common cases handled include………………………………

KF hopes to extend more aid to this model clinic in order to scale up its service package to patients, and also help the 18 counties in Buganda establish similar health centers as soon as resources allow. It is imperative to note that KF mobilizes funds and other resources from both local and foreign donors to fund this project.  Kabaka Foundation is therefore grateful to those who have sacrificed the little they have to save lives of others who would otherwise not afford medication. Special gratitude goes to KF-UK/Ireland who contributed the constructional funds for the health center among others. We would also wish to acknowledge the efforts of KF-US branch and Dr. Ddungu Herbert who mobilized and donated assorted medical equipments to Kabaka Foundation that is yet to arrive in the country around December 2012. On arrival, the equipments will be handled over to the Bukalango health center accordingly.

KF still welcomes more aid and qualified medical personnel to offer voluntary services to the center. Plans to finance open health days and outreach programs are underway, and KF hopes to closely work with Health volunteers from all over the world, and different health centers at parish and sub county levels. This is intended to decentralize services to other vulnerable persons who are unable to come at Bukalango Model Clinic.

This is a Child Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center supported by Kabaka Foundation. The center is located 12Kms away from Kampala city at Kasenge, Kyengera off Masaka Road, and it accommodates children from streets and train them in various vocational skills as a way of making them responsible and self reliant citizens in the future. This center currently has a total enrolment of 162 students in different courses which include; Carpentry and Joinery, Tailoring, Weaving, Metal Fabrication, Neating, Craft, Computer training, Brick Laying and Concrete Practice, leather works, among others. The center also provides counseling and guidance to children as many of them are secured from streets having gone through traumatic experiences. They are therefore rehabilitated and experience shows that many have reformed and returned to society or reunited with their families successfully. The center also emphasizes local knowledge and use of resources with great concern to environmental conservation practices.