Kabaka Foundation, through its Agricultural Initiative is committed to ending poverty by empowering farmers with modern agricultural methods. Our focus extends to all individuals, with a special emphasis on uplifting the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Demonstration Farm:

Kabaka Foundation has been operating a demonstration farm in Bukalango, serving as a model for sustainable agriculture. Every year, the best groups and individual farmers at all levels are recognized and awarded with tractors to enable them increase their produce.

Expansion plan:

Our vision extends beyond the demonstration farm; we aim to grow it into a major food market and agricultural show center. Kabaka Foundation wishes revitalize  the farm Bukalango to transform it into a center for agricultural innovation and education, focusing on modern technology and sustainable farming practices while promoting environmental conservation.

The goal is to create a thriving hub that showcases sustainable farming and benefits both farmers and the community. Our farm will be a training ground that accommodates up to 200 farmer annually.

This expansion will create opportunities for farmers to showcase their products, access markets, and network with industry stakeholders.

Our trainings and activities are to include:

Empowering Farmers:

  • We have training resources to farmers, enabling them to adopt modern agricultural practices for increased productivity and income generation.
  • Through our initiatives, we aim to break the cycle of poverty by equipping farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive.

Training in Modern Agricultural Technology:

  • We offer comprehensive training programs in modern agricultural technology, covering aspects such as crop cultivation, irrigation techniques, and pest management.

Soil preservation: We prioritize soil preservation and animal husbandry for sustainable agriculture:


Educating farmers on methods like crop rotation, mulching, and organic fertilization to boost soil health and fertility.

Other trainings include animal husbandry for enhanced livestock welfare and productivity.

Join the Kabaka as he empowers farmers, revitalizes communities, and alleviates poverty through sustainable agriculture. Together, we can cultivate a brighter future for Buganda region and beyond.