Omugotteko program

The Omugotteko Programme Aims To Empower Underprivileged Youth Aged 8-25 (Both Boys And Girls) Through Personal Development, Skills Training/Education, Economic Empowerment, And Promoting Their Active Involvement In Development Processes.

Our Programme


Under The Omugotteko Programme, The Kabaka Foundation Endeavors To Uplift The Livelihoods Of Deprived Youth In Mugotteko Communities. By 2029, The Program Aims To Provide Support Through Personal Development Initiatives, Skills Training/Education, Economic Empowerment, And Fostering Their Participation In Development Initiatives Within Kampala City. Health Services Improvement: Mugotteko Communities Face Poor Health Living Conditions. The Omugotteko Programme Intends To Address This By Providing, Promoting, And Sensitizing People On Healthcare Services, Aiming To Enhance Healthcare Provision Within The Mugotteko Communities.

Health services

There are poor health living conditions among Mugotteko communities. The intended interventions under Mugotteko program will be provision, promotion and sensitization of people on health care services that aim to uplift the health care services in the Mugotteko communities.

Wash Program

A Significant Portion (80%) Of The Mugotteko Communities Lack Access To Modern Wash Facilities, Leading To Increased Vulnerability To Water-Related Diseases And Hygiene Challenges. The Omugotteko Programme Seeks To Promote, Sensitize, And Advocate For Improved Hygiene And Sanitation Practices Among Beneficiaries Residing In Mugotteko Communities.


The Programme Will Identify Five Successful Community Members From Selected Mugotteko Areas, Who Will Be Trained To Facilitate Mentoring, Coaching, And Connecting Young Entrepreneurs With Successful Business Owners And Potential Employers. These Community Members Will Also Serve As Role Models, Engaging In Monthly Mentoring Activities With Programme Participants.

Kabaka Foundation Academy

As Part Of The Omugotteko Programme, The Kabaka Foundation Operates A Secondary-Level Training Institute. Constructed With Support From Donors, The Academy Offers Ordinary And Advanced Secondary School Curricula, As Well As Vocational Skills Training For Vulnerable Students, Empowering Them With Self-Reliance Skills.