About Kabaka foundation

Kabaka Foundation was established on 13th April 1996 at the King’s birthday. The Foundation is a charitable trust that is promoting, encouraging and supporting cultural, educational, literacy, economic, social and charitable projects for the benefit of the public in Buganda and Uganda at large. Long live the King His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Our Vision

Improved quality of life in the communities in Buganda

Our Mission

To draw on the strengths of the Kabakaship to mobilize and avail resources to charitable projects for sustainable community development in Buganda.

Our Core Values

  • Sustainability
  • Loyalty
  • Self-reliance
  • Community spirit
  • Transparence
  • Accountability

Our Objectives

  • Alleviation of poverty, sickness, and distress, and enhancement of living conditions for children, women, disadvantaged individuals, and the disabled.
  • Protection and promotion of health, with a significant focus on primary healthcare and addressing the aids epidemic.
  • Advancement of education through formal and informal means, including research in culture and related fields.
  • Conservation of wildlife and the environment, including relevant biological research.