Following the post independence political turmoil in which the central government abolished kingdoms in Uganda, many places of cultural heritage were devastated and others turned into military barracks and administrative offices for government.
Property grabbing that ensued thereafter did not spare the status of the environment neither, as people started massive exploitation of resources without concern to environmental conservation as earlier done by traditional leadership and colonial masters. Upon the restoration of kingship in Uganda and Buganda in particular, the Kabaka raised concern about indiscriminative environmental degradation and need to preserve the cultural heritage of Buganda and Baganda.

This concern was finally conceived in what is currently known as the Kabaka’s Trail, a project which is mandated to take care of key places of cultural heritage whilst ensuring environmental conservation in Buganda kingdom.

Such places include the royal tombs at Wamala, Namasole Kannyange, Naggalabi Coronation Site, Ssezibwa Falls, Katereke Ditch Prison, to mention but a few. The strong cultural ties between the Kabaka, Kingship, and these sites prompted His Majesty to put them under Kabaka Foundation as a direct project implementer, and in recent developments, Kabaka Foundation rehabilitated The Wamala Royal Tombs and will continue doing so in an attempt to protect and develop places that makes Buganda a unique kingdom world over.

All the above is well illustrated when you visit Kabaka’s Trail website www.kabakastrail.or.ug