Mr Muhumuza Emmanuel has fulfilled his donation plegde of an Ambulance to the Kabaka of Buganda

The Director of Buganda Kombucha Drink, Mr. Muhumuza Emmanuel has fulfilled his donation pledge of an Ambulance to the Kabaka of Buganda to further help in administering improved health services to the people of Buganda through the Kabaka foundation

He has handed over this precious gift to the Minister of Social Services-Buganda Kingdom, Oweek. Cotilda K. Nakate, who has appreciated it and called on the entire public to rise to this cause. She has also informed them that the Kingdom of Buganda is currently constructing hospitals across the counties and they will require labour such as medical personals to operate in them. She implored the entire public to also drink the Buganda Kombucha Drink since they support the activities of the Kingdom.

Omuk. Eddie Kaggwa Ndagala, the Executive Director of the Foundation has appreciated this generous act done by the company adding that it will help mitigate the rate at which people die in hospitals. The Foundation works closely with the Ministry of Health in fighting killer diseases including Hepatitis B, Sickle cell, HIV etc. and in the last two years, the Kingdom has collected over 250,000 units of blood and 130,000 new blood donates indicating that many people’s lives have been saved.

Mr. Muhumuza Emmanuel has commended the activities of the Kingdom and has pledged to continue supporting them because of his much love for the Kabaka.