Kyaddondo blood donation drive

Kyaddondo blood donation drive

Massaza blood donation drive in Kyaddondo County is part of a donor recruitment strategy initiated by the Kabaka Foundation to be conducted through the 18 counties (also known as the Massaza) of Buganda Kingdom. Due to the lack of blood in the country’s blood banks that has been caused by the various fatal accidents that have occurred in the country during the Christmas festive seasons and the decreased number of donors during the school holiday period (November 2022 to Jan 2023).  The Kabaka Foundation in collaboration with Uganda Red Cross Society and Uganda Blood Transfusion Services implemented an eight days’ blood donation drive from 16th to 23rd January 2023 in the Kyaddondo county.

Kabaka Foundation in collaboration with Red Cross Uganda and the Uganda Blood transfusion services collected 42,218 units of Blood for eight days in Kyanddondo County overtaking the record of 18,818 units that was set in Uganda by the same county.

Kabaka Foundation has grown the number of stakeholders it is working with to offer health services to vulnerable people and the Organization is continuously building capacity to manage Health Camps more effectively.

The Kabaka Foundation Health Programme through the Health Coordinator, Mr. Kalyowa Edgar plans to eradicate blood shortage in Uganda as we:

  1. a) Continuously sensitise the populace in the 18 counties of Buganda on proper feeding, stress management, health seeking behavior (testing and treatment) and the importance of donating. blood;
  2. b) Expand the Massaza blood donation programme to reach other cultural institutions in Uganda. (Currently the drive of this nature is only been held in Buganda Kingdom);
  3. c) Strengthen the capacity of KF to network with stakeholders (e.g. Blood Transfusion Services, blood banks, Ssaza and Gombolola Chiefs, faith based organisations, schools, Local Government staff) with the intention of mobilising the public to frequently participate in blood donation.

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